Boutique Storefront Setup

The Fair Lady Boutique: The Beginning of our Story

The Fair Lady Lifestyle Boutique

If you think this blog post is about the background story of how we came to be, then your wrong. You can check that story out on our “About The Fair Lady Boutique” page. This post is specifically about how we came to be as a storefront.

The Fair Lady boutique didn’t start out where we are located today. In fact, we didn’t even have our own building when we came into existence. We were merely sharing space with another local business to have room to store all our merchandise for our website.  It wasn’t until September 2014 that an opportunity came about for a location in historic downtown Mena. We jumped on it and were able to open up shop October 1, 2014.

The Fair Lady boutique front door

We absolutely adore our location and building! We could not have asked for a more perfect location! The building itself is part of one of the original buildings making up Main Street back in the 1890s. Vaulted ceilings, open floor plan, giant storefront windows, and a concrete floor make it up. I guess the only complaint we have is the fact there is no insulation being an old building! Talk about cold during the winter…brrrr!!!

Boutique Storefront Setup

The Fair Lady boutique’s entrance features antiques to display merchandise.

We did give it a new paint job on the inside. A soft mint and antique white cover the walls and a deeper mint was used to outline the Victorian style fitting room doors. Our logo can be seen at the top of the left wall over our homemade giant chalkboard wall calendar. We made the chalkboard out of plywood, chalk paint, and wall trim.

Wall with logo

The work in process of painting the doors and fitting room area!

The work in process of painting the doors and fitting room area!

We couldn’t have a vintage Victorian era inspired store without a chandelier! The chandelier is the first thing people notice upon entering the door! In fact, men have even come in off the street to admire it. And yes, I said that right. You can see this gorgeous 5ft chandelier from outside thanks to the giant storefront windows!  The molded ceiling plate is the finishing touch!

Chandelier at The Fair Lady Boutique

The last part of our storefront we can’t forget to mention is the antique couch we snagged at a flea market! This beauty is in pristine condition and matches our store perfectly! If I had to pick, I think I would dare to say it’s my favorite thing about the entire store!

Until next time,


The Fair Lady Boutique, owner


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