Black Friday Madness

 The Fair Lady Boutique Black Friday The Fair Lady Boutique Black Friday 

The Fair Lady is participating in the madness of Black Friday >>> 30% OFF SITEWIDE! Heck yesssss! A girl can get some serious shopping done with that! Plus, all clothing ships free! Here are a few items that are on my personal shopping list! Enjoy! Xoxo 

1. Wild About You Leopard Sweater $44 

 2.  Madden Girl: Deluxx Bootie $68
3.  Out of the Woods Plaid Hoodie $33 

 4. Very Volatile: Pasa Fringe Cowboy Boot $119.95 

5. I’m Fur-Real Vest in Beige $44  

6.  Nixon Fringe Bootie in Taupe $44 

7. Diamond Back Knit Cardigan $45  


Outfits of Summer: Forever Young

The Fair Lady clothing boutique's ootd for summer 
This post is specifically for all you ladies that are age mid-20s and up! Do you ever feel like you have a hard time finding outfits that are still trendy and cute, yet sophisticated enough for your age? I love all the bright, summer colors (even neons) just as much as the next person, but sometimes you just need that outfit you can go to when you need to look nicer, dressier, and not like a teen or college student anymore. Everyone wants to be forever young though at the same time…We feel your struggle!  

Well, this outfit is perfection and of course it’s from the best online boutique for women (but we may be biased 😉). The tank is totally chic with its print but is darker and more muted with its neutral color palette. Plus…the back is to die for! The shorts are a great length, looser fit, and super comfortable with the elastic and drawstring waistband. Plus, the material of these shorts are on point for dressing up with wedges or keeping it casual with sandals! 

 Coffee Bean Print TankCoffee Bean Tank | Kori America | The Fair Lady womens clothing boutique 
 All Around Town ShortsAll Around Town Shorts | Ya Los Angeles | The Fair Lady online boutique 
Now on to the shoes… OMG. These. Shoes. Are. AMAZING. Super trendy with fringe details (yes, fringe is in…just wait until you see fall), yet mature enough to be worn by women in their upper 20s, 30s, and even 40s! Thank you Very Volatile for making the best sandal ever! 

 Lex Fringe Sandal by Very Volatile Very Volatile Lex Fringe Sandal 

So as you can see ladies, just because we are getting more mature in age, doesn’t mean we can’t wear the latest styles and still be sophisticated! 😘❤️ 

Until next time…


The Fair Lady: online women’s clothing boutique bring the latest styles at an affordable price point.

S U M M E R sundaze 

The Fair Lady womens clothing boutique  

The first OFFICIAL day of summer is coming up hott and fast! June 21 to be exact! Have you taken the time to plan out all your summer outfits? You have parties, family gatherings, the 4th of July in a few weeks, VACATION (thank goodness), and festivals! The girls at The Fair Lady threw this outfit together with parties and vacation in mind! You can find the direct link to each product below! 


Beaded Mayan Princess Tank  

Beaded Mayan Princess Tank | The Fair Lady women’s clothing boutique

olive + oak: boxer shorts  

Olive + Oak: Boxer Shorts | The Fair Lady Women’s clothing boutique

mirrored aviator sunglasses  

Mirrored Aviators | The Fair Lady women’s clothing boutique 

dora flip flops 

Dora Flip Flops | The Fair Lady women’s clothing boutique 

Dallas Market Trip

Have you ever wondered what going to market is like? Well, we can pretty much vouch that it’s heaven on Earth…a girl’s paradise! Imagine 15 floors of every type of product you could imagine. Floors that are devoted solely to clothing…every piece of clothing different! Shoes, shoes everywhere! A DJ spinning jams on the first floor atrium and free food, drinks, and samples to keep you feeling happy all day long! Sounds pretty amazing, right? I guess the only difficult part is making all those decisions about what to buy! Just like you wish you could buy our entire store or our boutique’s online shopping website, we wish we could buy all of market! Here are some quick pics of market below! 



 Fur Vests are back! ombre look here  
Rocket Dog fall 2015 coming to The Fair Lady  Rocket Dog fall 2015 coming to The Fair Lady  Rocket Dog fall 2015 coming to The Fair Lady  Amber on the 15th floor overlooking Dallas  Articles of Society Fall 2015, coming to The Fair Lady boutique  California Moonrise, a new brand we picked up!   

The Fair Lady boutique:  Glenwood Location Opens

The Fair Lady boutique Glenwood storefront The Fair Lady women’s clothing boutique now has a second location in Glenwood, Arkansas! We are so excited to become a part of another community in Arkansas and spread our love for fashion! You can find us at:

2 Caddo Crossing Drive, Suite C

Glenwood, AR 71943

Some of our exclusive brands for this location include Articles of Society, Minnetonka Moccasins, Very Volatile Footwear, and Vintage Havana! We know you will love them and can shop them all online on our online boutique website along with all our other brands!

Below are some photos of the before and after of our new location! Enjoy! Xoxo.

Glenwood, AR, before

First look of new location!

Glenwood, AR, tin walls The tin walls had to be put up, stabilized, and painted…our signature antique mint of course!

Glenwood, AR, lighting

We had to install spot lighting and rails for the wall!

 inside of glenwood store  The walls are up and clothes are out!  

 Entry way is set and the wall fixtures are filled!  

the fair lady boutique glenwood storefront Window displays? Check!  Our sign and window decals are coming soon! 

Naked 3, 2, and Flushed

Easy, Natural Make-up for the Girl on the Go with the Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay

We all know a hectic, on-the-go lifestyle can be tough for a girl…especially when it comes to taking time to apply make-up! I don’t about you all, but my eye make-up is what I spend the most time on…or used to spend the most time on. My Naked palettes have become my best friend for eye make-up! Easy, natural and it lasts all day long!

Naked 3, 2, and Flushed

Naked 2 and Naked 3 eye palettes along with Flushed. I used Naked 3 and Flushed in this tutorial.

For this tutorial, I used my Naked 3 eye palette and Naked Flushed for my cheeks after applying concealer and foundation first. If your foundation doesn’t form a good base for eye shadow…or you only use powder, then I recommend using a primer first on your eye lids. I use Merle Norman Lasting Foundation because its light, covers well, and is a great base for applying eye shadow and blush. It also has SPF in it, but I will save that for a later post.

So lets get started! Below is a photo of my eye lids after I was completely finished. Sometimes it is easier to see the finished product first so that you have a reference to refer to as I tell which color went where!

Naked 3 Eye Palette eyes

As you can see, it’s very natural but still enhances your eyes.

Also note, I start at the top and work back down to my lid. Top to bottom.

Color 1: The base. “Strange” ~Spread this color all over your lid and crease to just below your eyebrow. This color will act as a base for all other colors we are about to apply.

Naked 3 Palette left end

The left half of the Naked 3 Palette that has the lighter colors to use as a base and highlight.

Color 2: The highlighter. “Limit” ~Spread this light pink color just below your brow (leave a small gap) and follow the natural curve of your crease and eyebrow. This color is not meant to be heavy and dark, but add just enough color above the darker color that will be going in your crease.

Naked 3 Palette right end

The right end of the Naked 3 eye palette that contains the darker colors used on the crease and outer corner of the eye lids.

Color 3: The crease. “Nooner” ~This color is a deeper pink tone with brown undertones in it. It is only slightly darker than the color we used as the highlighter, which is what makes this look so natural. If you want your crease a little darker, then add in some “Factory” with “Nooner” but I only used “Nooner” here. Applying this color is probably the trickiest. Be sure to follow your natural crease of your eye lid and don’t go below the cease onto the lid.  Depending on how far back your eyes sit, you may want to go ahead and go a little above your natural crease line so that the darker color shows up more when your eyes are wide open.  I am one of those who must do this, otherwise you cannot see my crease color.

Color 4: The lid outer corners. “Darkside” ~This is the darkest color that you will be applying and it is in small amounts in the outer corner of your eye lids. You will want to apply this in the shape of an upside down triangle. The base of your triangle would be in the crease with the  top point going down to your eyelash line. As you can see in the photo below, I have a very small amount of “Darkside” showing due to my eyeliner extending past my eyelash line.

Naked 3 Eye Palette eyes

Look at each outer corner of my eye lids.

Color 5: Lid Highligher “Dust” ~I love to add a bit of shimmer to really highlight my eyes. You will want to apply “Dust” all the way across your eye lids until you reach the point where you applied “Darkside.” For a more subtle look, you can blend “Dust” into “Darkside” slightly.

And you are finished with your eye shadow! Yay! I then applied a dark brown eye liner and black mascara.

No onto my cheeks using Naked Flushed. The photo below is the finished product where you can see my eyeshadow and my cheeks! I did not take a photo of the inside of Flushed but there are three colors in it. From left to right: dark bronzer, light shimmer highlighter, and the deep pink blush.

Naked 3 Eye Make-up

The finish product.

Applying Flushed: First, you will want to use the bronzer to contour your cheekbones. You do this  by applying the bronzer (I use a small kabuki brush.) under your cheekbone in your faces natural indention. If your cheekbones are not very pronounced, then you may need to make a kissy face and suck your cheeks in to really see them. Next, apply the highlighter to the top of your cheeks above the cheekbone. This reflects light, which makes your cheekbones pop out more. Last, apply the blush to the ball of your cheek and along the cheekbone. Be sure your bronzer, blush, and highlighter have somewhat of a blending line where it looks natural.

And your finished! You are ready to go out and rock your hectic, busy day knowing your face looks great and will last all day!

Until next time,

Amber, owner

The Fair Lady Boutique

PS: our models LOVE Naked palettes. Can you guess which ones use them –>> 


Boutique Storefront Setup

The Fair Lady Boutique: The Beginning of our Story

The Fair Lady Lifestyle Boutique

If you think this blog post is about the background story of how we came to be, then your wrong. You can check that story out on our “About The Fair Lady Boutique” page. This post is specifically about how we came to be as a storefront.

The Fair Lady boutique didn’t start out where we are located today. In fact, we didn’t even have our own building when we came into existence. We were merely sharing space with another local business to have room to store all our merchandise for our website.  It wasn’t until September 2014 that an opportunity came about for a location in historic downtown Mena. We jumped on it and were able to open up shop October 1, 2014.

The Fair Lady boutique front door

We absolutely adore our location and building! We could not have asked for a more perfect location! The building itself is part of one of the original buildings making up Main Street back in the 1890s. Vaulted ceilings, open floor plan, giant storefront windows, and a concrete floor make it up. I guess the only complaint we have is the fact there is no insulation being an old building! Talk about cold during the winter…brrrr!!!

Boutique Storefront Setup

The Fair Lady boutique’s entrance features antiques to display merchandise.

We did give it a new paint job on the inside. A soft mint and antique white cover the walls and a deeper mint was used to outline the Victorian style fitting room doors. Our logo can be seen at the top of the left wall over our homemade giant chalkboard wall calendar. We made the chalkboard out of plywood, chalk paint, and wall trim.

Wall with logo

The work in process of painting the doors and fitting room area!

The work in process of painting the doors and fitting room area!

We couldn’t have a vintage Victorian era inspired store without a chandelier! The chandelier is the first thing people notice upon entering the door! In fact, men have even come in off the street to admire it. And yes, I said that right. You can see this gorgeous 5ft chandelier from outside thanks to the giant storefront windows!  The molded ceiling plate is the finishing touch!

Chandelier at The Fair Lady Boutique

The last part of our storefront we can’t forget to mention is the antique couch we snagged at a flea market! This beauty is in pristine condition and matches our store perfectly! If I had to pick, I think I would dare to say it’s my favorite thing about the entire store!

Until next time,


The Fair Lady Boutique, owner